Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you teach beginners?
A. Yes I do. I find teaching beginners just as fun and rewarding as working with more advanced students. Everyone started of as a beginner once upon a time!

Q. Do you teach online lessons?

A. Yes! As well as teaching in my studio I also teach via Skype. I teach students internationally from Sweden to the US and it's amazing how easy it is. If you have a stable internet connection, a pair of head phones (they dont need to be snazzy) and a laptop/tablet/smart phone then you're good to go! Please email me for more details via my contact page- I'm happy to have a chat and talk you through the specifics :)

Q. Do you have to book a certain amount of lessons?
A. No. I only ask my students to pay for one lesson in advance .You are never tied into a long course of lessons. Block booking will ensure you get a regular time slot but this still only requires one lessons notice if you wish to cancel.

Q. Can you help prepare me for a last minute audition?
A. Yes, absolutely. If my schedule permits I am happy to squeeze singers or actors/actresses in for a last minute lesson to prepare for an audition. Be aware there are limits to how much I can do in one lesson!

Q. How much are the lessons?
A. I believe in keeping singing lessons as accessible as possible so my rates comply with the Musicians Union and are not extortionate! Please click here for more prices.

Q. What ages do you teach?
A. I teach a wide range of ages from 11 years old to 65+. I think, depending on maturity, anything younger than 11/12 years old can be difficult since the child usually struggles to focus for the duration of the lesson.

Q. Can you travel to my home?
A. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to travel to individual students' homes. All lessons are held at my own studio in SE London, which I have tried to make as comfy and cosy as possible! It is also equipped with a full size, weighted keyboard, small PA, microphone and two guitars (acoustic and classical).

Q. How long have you been teaching for?
A. I began teaching during the last year of my music degree, in 2007 and as well as performing, I've been doing it ever since.

Q. I love singing but I think I'm tone deaf, could I still learn to sing?`
A. This is a really interesting question and definitely something that there are lots of varying opinions about. I have taught a lot of people over the years and can count the amount of 'tone deaf' people on one hand. It's really very rare! I have still been able to make considerable progress with these students, but have always been honest in letting them know that they probably won't be winning X factor too soon. I do, however, believe a lot of people merely lack confidence in initially being able to hit a note, rather than being 'tone deaf' so it's always worth booking an introductory lesson and letting me assess your voice because I'll be able to tell within one lesson.

Q. Do you accompany students or just use backing tracks?
A. I play the guitar and whenever possible I like to accompany students using this. It makes it feel less like karaoke and more like a performance. I think it is really useful in getting away from singing the song exactly the way the original recording artist does it, so it allows students to find their own voice and style. It is also really useful in moving songs to different keys (higher/lower) in order to suit the individual. I accompany my students using my studio keyboard for all vocal exercises. This means I can tailor every exercise to the students' individual range and then gently work on broadening it. Please note that I don't, unless its fairly simple, use the piano to accompany song performances.

Q. I don't read music or have any kind of musical training; can i still learn to sing?
A. Yes. Whilst reading and understanding music is helpful, many of my students don't and it doesn't hold them back.

Q. Do you still perform or do you just teach?
A. I enjoy teaching and find it really rewarding but I also love performing! When I'm not teaching I'm either performing my own songs, singing in a jazz trio I work with or doing backing vocals for an electro pop act that I also work with, amongst other things. Click here for more info.

Q. Do you teach groups?
A. Whilst one to one lessons always allow the most attention and progress I do teach small groups too. In the past I have worked with small harmony groups (I LOVE harmonies!) and I also currently teach a few small groups of singers. Max group size is 3 people. Please contact me here to get price info.